What do you know about the most prestigious city in the Middle east

What do you know about the most prestigious city in the Middle east? 

Dubai city, the second largest Emirate in the UAE, dates to 1833 AD, and it’s divided into two parts: Dubai Deira and Dubai bur. 

In the next lines, we will introduce you to Dubai as you never have known it before, hope you enjoy it. 

Dubai the Emirate 

Dubai is known for its cultural diversity, as you will see that it has a global community in which citizens and residents live in complete harmony. 

Dubai truly sets a perfect example of tolerance and coexistence 

Dubai’s population has reached about 3,355,900 people (about the population of Oklahoma), according to the figures issued in 2019, where the number of Emirati citizens among them are 168.000 which indicates that Dubai is the land of opportunities, as it gets more attention from investors and job seekers from all around the globe. 

Geographic location and climate of Dubai 

Dubai shores extend to the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, while Abu Dhabi Emirate is on its south, and Al Sharjah on the north, and it rises above the sea level by 16 metres. 

We can’t talk about Dubai and its beauty without mentioning its picturesque beaches which are considered as a famous destination for tens of thousands of tourists annually. 

The beaches are not the only tourist leisure destination in Dubai, in addition to dozens of family and individual recreational activities in the emirate. There is the historic city of Hatta, it is classified as the oldest historic city in the UAE, which dates to more than 2000 years ago. This city has recently gained its fame because of the mountains that surround it, the dams and rivers too, which has made it a magical painting of nature that is located 130 km from the city of Dubai and attracts thousands of tourists annually. 

As for the climate in Dubai, as you would expect the desert to be, it is hot in the summer and relatively warm in the winter. In the last decade, the amount of precipitation has increased in Dubai, and it rains mostly between December and March. Dubai winter is warm and rainy which makes it the ideal climate. 

Dubai City: 

As we mentioned earlier, Dubai is the second largest emirate in the UAE, the city that witnessed an exponential population growth from the year 1950 AD, from only 20,000 thousand people to more than 3 million people in the year 2022 AD. 

Tourism in Dubai: 

Dubai, as we mentioned earlier, is characterised by its large water bodies and quiet distinctive beaches, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Palm Jumeirah, which is the largest artificial island in the world equipped with the latest tourist facilities, hotels and commercial markets. 

If you are in Dubai, you must visit the tallest tower in the world, and from it you will enjoy an exceptional view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and its features including the Dubai fountains that were built in the Burj Lake, the Dubai Opera as well, and much more, its international hotels, and its popular commercial markets. 

Dubai also contains many museums, heritage villages, popular markets and vast gardens that usually attract tourists. 

If you are a beach lover, then Dubai will be your excellent destination in the winter, as the temperatures are moderate, and you can hike without any obstacles. As for winter sports lovers, the seasons are really not of any significance in Dubai, as Dubai provides a complete indoor snow resort which is the first of its kind in the Middle East. You can play with snow, ski and see the penguins and participate in other special winter events. 

There are also many water parks that contain hundreds of diverse marine creatures. 

Dubai is also famous for its specialised markets, as you can find the gold market, the spice market, the coffee museum, and others. 

This is with regard to daily life. As for nightlife, there are many clubs and casinos in Dubai, as Dubai includes different races and ethnicities as well as religions. Cultural diversity is one of the many distinguishable features of Dubai. 

Shopping in Dubai: 

If you are thinking of moving to Dubai, one of the things that you do not have to worry about is shopping. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city full of major malls that contain major brands. 

One of the irreplaceable experiences is touring the city of City Walk, which is an open city that contains commercial markets, gardens, and restaurants. You can walk in its quiet streets, as it is considered a wonderful and car-free walking area, in which there are many seats for rest and amusement parks for children. You can think of it as a mall, A large open area extending over 13,000 square metres. 

Education in Dubai: 

Education in Dubai is compulsory for the age of 15. As an Emirati citizen, you can study for free in the primary and secondary stages. As for non-Emirati citizens, they can enrol in public and private schools for a certain enrollment fee. Private schools offer local as well as international curricula, including the British, French and American curricula. 

Private school fees differ from one emirate to another. As for government schools, they offer a unified national curriculum in Arabic and teach English as a secondary subject. As for admission, there are certain conditions for citizens from non-GCC countries, as a certain percentage is accepted in government schools, and if you are not an Arabic speaker, you must reconsider enrolling your children in public schools, but don’t worry Dubai has high-quality private schools that offer diverse curricula. 

However, some may find their fees a bit high, but the reassuring thing is that the government requires schools to develop their curricula and plans if they want to raise their fees, so everything is regulated through the government for the best educational experience possible. 

As for universities, a number of them are available with the availability of facilities and student housing, and Emirati universities that lack specific facilities cooperate with foreign students to offer them the best accessible accommodation possible. 

life in Dubai 

If you are thinking of moving abroad with your family or on your own, then Dubai is a unique place to live and work, with the maximum safety that the UAE is known for, which is attributed to the strict laws enacted by the Emirates and deterrent measures against any violation of the laws, as the theft rate is almost 0%. 

To the various types of housing with reasonable prices for everyone, including apartments, houses, and international hotels, and you do not have to worry if you want to own property, whether for a residential purpose or as a real estate investment, as the UAE provides all facilities to citizens and foreigners alike, to the various markets, public and private schools, events that are held throughout the year that suit all tastes, and facilities for children and families. The Emirates is also distinguished by its cultural diversity, as it includes more than 200 nationalities. 

The UAE government is very keen to keep abreast of all technological and environmental developments and the distinguished health care system are all things that make Dubai your first choice for living. 

Dubai provides everything a family needs, in general, if you are thinking of moving to Dubai, an average of 2800-3000 dollars a month salary may be enough to meet all your family’s needs. 

Work in Dubai 

Diverse job opportunities, high wages, and the absence of taxes are all things that make Dubai the most favorable destination for building and advancing your career, considering Dubai as one of the most important investment destinations in the world makes it easy to continuously provide new jobs and investment opportunities, as well as the city’s distinctive infrastructure, and ease of transportation Inside and out, Dubai is home to the world’s best airports and has one of the best airlines in the world. 

The Emirate of Dubai does not impose any tax returns on the salaries of its employees and workers. Dubai also hosts many economic conferences and important events in various fields of science and knowledge. 

All of the aforementioned are a great motivation for tourists, job seekers as well as major investors to come to Dubai, the beating heart of the Middle East.

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