Real Estate Agent in Dubai, How to Choose and Where to Find

Do I need a real estate agent to purchase or sell a property in Dubai, and should I trust them? These are pretty good questions to ask and to think about them before you take any step forward. 

     In this article, I am going to tell you where you can find real estate agents in Dubai and what factors you should consider before you choose one. 

  Why do I need a real estate agent? 

  • Don’t have time to manage especially if you have many properties
  • Don’t have the patience to deal with the renters 
  • Brings prospects to your prospects 
  •  Real Estate agents should help you to make the right decision at the right time. 
  •  Will provide you with additional market knowledge 
  •  They will save you time and money 
  •  They will make your life easier by taking over this burdening task!

What should I ask The real estate agent through the interview?

    Good questions could be considered a shortcut to choosing the right real estate agent for you, questions like

  • As a real estate agent in Dubai do you have a license from RERA? 
  • What is the period of time that it takes you to sell a house 
  • What is the method you use to sell and buy properties 
  • Working hours 
  • How do you value the property 
  • How many clients are you dealing with

Where can I look for a good agent? 

    Whether it is an online agent or a local agent there are decent websites you can use such as FIDES PROPERTIES which collects all of them under one roof. Using similar websites helps you take your decision carefully and slowly as long as it gives you the luxury of time and the characteristics of each of them. 

    Segmentation for niches would also help, you will find real estate agents in Dubai have a certain type like focusing on buying or sell on a high level of price or quality. Maybe some of them have particular criteria like a comfortable Installment system. 

 The Real Estate Regulatory Agency – RERA 

    Worldwide real estate agents could get involved in the field without formal papers required. But, real estate agent in Dubai does need a license to registrate with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency “RERA”, We could consider this as an advantage as long as any real estate agent needs specific criteria to registrate and this leads us to the point:

 “How to choose my real estate agent”. 

  • Online websites: 

   It is a good place to start, there are many websites that could benefit you at this stage and are totally trusted.

  • Asking Family & Friends Would Be Great 

    Word of mouth could never die, we trust our friends and family more than strangers especially if they have been in the same situation. So if they know a real estate agent who they could trust that would benefit you of course. 

  • Take Advantage of Social Media

     Online presence plays a good role while you are choosing the real estate agent that suits you. Check their social media platforms and you can tell from the reviews and the way it responds, don’t take the reviews for granted but it can help you to make a reasonable decision. 

  • Request Previously Work

   While you are interviewing real estate agents you better ask them to provide you information about the homes they have listed and sold lately. 

Real Estate Agent Responsibilities: 

It is good to know agent’s responsibilities before you make your mind up such as: 

  •  Help the landlords to make the right decision
  • Educate clients about transaction process 
  • Search broadest database of available homes
  • Research information about properties
  • Negotiate the best possible price


  • Knowledge of the real estate market 98%
  • Knowledge of purchase process 98%
  • Honesty and integrity 99%
  • Negotiation skills 95%

Real Estate Agent Fees In Dubai:

      It varies according to the process you need to do (Buy, Sell, Rent):

  • When you are looking to buy a property It kind of depends on the type of property  (Coast, Taxes, Etc).
  • If you want to sell your property, the buyer will pay 2% for the seller, it’s based on agreement.
  • Renting or rental is usually around 5% of annual rent.


      The real estate industry is a massive industry these days, especially in a city such as Dubai, it’s kind of difficult to deal with on your own, of course, you can do it but it will take time, effort, and money, so it might be better for you to hire a real estate agent to do it for with considering the criteria that we talked about in the article. 


-National Association of REALTORS.

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