Is This Your Forever Home? How to Decide if This Is the Perfect Apartment for You in Dubai

Buying a starter house or apartment is always easier than finding the house that you plan to live in forever. Investing in your forever home should be a thoroughly-thought process in terms of money, location, comfort, and many more factors. This is why before you can decide that a certain real estate property in Dubai is the right one for you, you should go carefully study and weigh all of your options, so you do not end up rushing and finding yourself stuck with the wrong apartment.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Forever Home

Despite some of these factors being taken for granted as obvious, it can be quite easy to forget about them or to overlook them when being overwhelmed with this long process. To make things clearer, below is a checklist of the most important things to factor in when looking for real estate in Dubai:


It is true that location may be the first thing that you can consider when looking for housing in Dubai, but location does not merely mean the aesthetics of the place. While it is important to live in a place with eye-pleasing sceneries, location is about more than that.

The Local Area

One of the most important aspects of the housing’s location in Dubai is how homey the area is; you should look for the place where you can feel comfort and can see yourself living forever. Accessibility is another important factor; it is essential to find an apartment that is as close to amenities and the transportation system as possible, while also making sure not to be too close, to remain far enough from the noise and the traffic.

Kepe in mind, also, to find an apartment close to public parks, malls, shops, or any other places where you can see yourself, or your family, needing in the near and distant future.


Your forever home is a place where you and your family will be living and growing up, possibly forever. So, it is crucial that when you are looking for housing in Dubai, you keep in mind that your apartment should have schools for different levels, to make sure that your kids will never need to travel far on their way to and from school, which can consume their time and energy.

It is not enough simply to know that there are schools in the area; you should also make sure to ask around and make sure these schools are suitable for your children in the long run.


There are no two families that have the same needs. In fact, the same family, more often than not, will have different needs with the passage of time. Therefore, it is important that you keep flexibility in mind when looking for real estate in Dubai.

As your family grows, you may need more rooms or bigger spaces. Confining yourself in a small apartment means that you will most likely need to look for a new apartment again. So think ahead and find an apartment that can accommodate your family’s needs, for at least the next ten years.


If you have kids, safety is the most important factor to focus on when choosing your housing in Dubai. Your apartment should either include all the safety measures, or should allow room for adding them. Moreover, when you look for housing in Dubai for the purpose of finding your forever home, it means your apartment is, most likely, the place where you and your partner will grow old. So make sure the apartment allows for scalability and has rooms for additions that may be needed with the old age. Some of these additions include:

  • One important addition can be a curbless walk-in shower, that is, if your apartment’s bathrooms do not already have them. Curbless showers are important to prevent unwanted incidents of slipping or falling. They are especially important and convenient if a member of your family uses a wheelchair or a walker. 
  • If your apartment contains any stairs inside, you should find one with enough handrails in all the needed places, or you should add them before moving in. Handrails can be useful for kids and older people alike to prevent falls and help with moving.
  • Good natural lighting is an important safety measure if a member of your family has any kind of visual impairment. It is also important for older people, as their vision may not be as clear with poor lighting.
  • Before installing your kitchen, make sure the counters are not too high, the stove is placed somewhere safe in the kitchen, and that electricity easily reaches everywhere so you do not end up having to use any wires that may pose any danger.


While money is one of the most important factors when choosing your forever home, we have placed it somewhere towards the end, as all of the factors mentioned above surely affect the cost of your housing in Dubai. So, while keeping all of these factors in mind, make sure to have a balance between fulfilling them and staying within your budget without having to borrow a huge amount of money from a loan or a person to avoid living the rest of your life in debt, or having to eventually sell the apartment. 


Your forever home will most likely be your, well, forever home. However, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future, and you should always be prepared for any unexpected circumstances because of which you may at some point need to sell your apartment. So it is important to know the value of your apartment, apartment complex, and the area in which you plan to live. Some areas’ values can fluctuate easily, while others will have a stable value for a long time, which means you will not be losing much if you decide to sell your apartment.

The key to finding the perfect, most suitable housing in Dubai is thorough research and patience. As long as you are one step ahead of any unpredictable things that can go wrong, your precaution will save you money, effort, and time. It may sound like a long process, but if you start looking today, you will save yourself some time!

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